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What We Do:

We provide affordable housing to those facing multi-barriers and who may often be living in substandard housing or in either an unsafe or unhealthy environment.


Who We Are:

We are a consumer-driven mental health organization which is open to anyone who has experienced the mental health system in a personal way.

We are peers helping each other without the detached professionalism which tends to encourage "learned helplessness."


How We Do It:

We live cooperatively and respect each other's property, rights and space while at the same time maintaining a healthy balance in giving and taking. This kind of sharing is fundamental to there not being class distinctions while at the same time avoiding exploitation.

We share our talents, abilities and resources to develop practical life-skills and self-help rehabilitation that focuses on "Wellness through Social Interaction

We volunteer at helping each other as peer counselors, coordinators and life skills assistants.

We take on all tasks from shopping, laundry, and cleaning to group facilitation and office work.

We, the members, employ the principles of participatory democracy in decision making in areas such as house rules, requests to be forwarded to Unity Council Meetings, and who moves into the house.

We reward outstanding volunteers with small incentives and honorariums



Some of Our Values:

We recognize the "wholeness of human life" and are concerned about all issues related to effective living.

We recognize the fundamental dignity of all people.

We are dedicated to awakening the whole community to the possibilities of increased mental health for all.

We make every effort to avoid creating a cumbersome and needlessly expensive bureaucracy.

We use funds and create budgets democratically.

We recognize that treatment and medication decisions should be left between the members and their doctor/therapist


Benefits Of Unity Housing

Low Rent

Rent only $375 per month and includes hydro, cable and phone We strive to offer quality housing houses which are maintained and kept clean

Supportive Housing

Peer support

Volunteer outreach workers

Regular house meetings

Sharing of abilities and knowledge in areas such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and navigating through the maze of governmental and mental health services


Unity has an activities program and monthly & special event house meals.

Member Directed

monthly house meetings

twice monthly meetings of an elected Unity Council (one representative from each of the houses).

quarterly tenants meetings (with a dinner being served)

commitment of board to let members run organization


13 volunteer/honorarium positions (6 @$100 & 7@$200 per month) training programs

Unity Housing Society is funded by the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board and operates six communal houses located in the East side of Vancouver.

You could help provide this new and exciting self-help housing opportunity to those who need it most.

If you are a mental health consumer (or know of one), who is seeking safe, secure and affordable housing and wishes to improve his/her social skills and be part of a supportive community please call for further information or to arrange for an interview.


You Can Reach Us At:

Unity Housing

#1 - 9 E. Hastings

Vancouver, BC V6A 1M9

Ph. (604) 801-5334

E-mail info@unityhousing.ca

We have an ever growing needs list.

Donations are greatly appreciated. We are a registered charity.

  The Houses

                                 Doman House


                        Ranch/Cecil House


                    The Palace



                               Fleming House


                                 The Heights